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We are proud to represent the United States as the only award-winning medalist in the International Water Tasting Competition - Stockholm, Sweden, April 2019


Water is not just water.  It has a terroir, a sense of place, a uniqueness akin to fine wines. As rainfall filters through our landscape of ancient layers of rock and sands, our water gathers and is protected deep underground.


Driftless® Fine Water--all natural, uncomplicated, raw and unique from the source, is among the best in the world of fine, naturally formed waters. Packaged only in glass for optimal taste and health, and with naturally high levels of magnesium and calcium, low in sodium.

Fourth of July Feast
Fourth of July Feast

Driftless Fine Water with wine, Creole lobster, shrimp boil, and dry aged steak

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Summer Grilling
Summer Grilling

Summer grilling is a natural with wine, beer, and Driftless Fine Water

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Driftless Water can be used for cocktails

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Fourth of July Feast
Fourth of July Feast

Driftless Fine Water with wine, Creole lobster, shrimp boil, and dry aged steak

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To You - Sustainably

  • We bottle only in glass, leaving no aftertaste, and less waste.

  • We bottle our water with sustainability as our goal - in the world of bottling water, only a small amount. There are no high pressure wells.

  • We attend to our natural micro climate, and our source is from a region of abundant rainfall.

  • We manage our land and water to ensure no negative environmental impact, such as muddy streams, unfiltered, and on the fast track to the gulf.

To give you a sense of what that means in terms of water, Driftless® Fine Water is harvested at a rate of less than 10% of the annual rainfall on ONE of our acres of land. We do not need to use high capacity wells that pump millions of gallons per week. Instead, we are committed to carefully manage our land and water, so we limit our harvest from deep within our own protected aquifer.  


Karst geology is unique to this region, and our coulees and bluffs and dramatic landscapes is the norm within our region. In some cases that means poorly filtered water water through karst rock formations, and rapid run off. In our case, our aquifer is deep within the earth, at the St. Lawrence layer. Our water is drawn from our aquifer after having slowly and naturally filtered through limestone bluffs, nutrient rich natural soils and clay. Finally, it gathers through a layer of pristine sand.                                                                                                                     

This natural process gives Driftless® Fine Water a fresh, clean taste, with an appealing balance of natural minerals and purity.  


We hope you enjoy our water as much as we do!

Our Mission

Our work in sustainability projects and healthy ecosystems near and far is a lifelong effort for the family run bottlers at Driftless® Fine Waters, LLC. We know that great water is vital for individual health, as well as our shared planet.

We salute and practice the natural management and balance found in healthy landscapes that result in stabilized soils, purified aquifers and streams, and efforts that prevent fast run off of soil and water that quickly clog our seas, which diminishes the health of our coastal areas. 

At Driftless® Fine Waters, LLC, we have managed our lands for decades to protect the soil and our water sources, and the results have been abundance and purity, which we now bring to you.

Our goals, besides bringing to you the uniques taste of the Driftless, we also advocate for improved water quality in the Midwest and in our greatest fresh waters of the Great Lakes.


We are proud to represent the United States as the only award-winning medalist at the International Water Tasting Competition in Stockholm, Sweden, April 2019.


WaterExpo Water Tasting Competition 2019  SILVER medal for Natural Still Water, in Guangzhou, China, June 2019.


Driftless Fine Water is a member of the Fine Water Society.


Perfectly Good For You


Many waters you will find, from municipal, to spring water, to "designer health" waters, are often manipulated chemically to address real concerns in safety, mineral and chemical profile, and taste. 


Driftless® Fine Water is different in that we believe the best thing for a healthy body is what nature has made for us--naturally.

  • We use no chemicals in our water - it is bottled directly from the protected source, deep underground.

  • A healthful 7.6 pH

  • Our balanced water, bottled in glass,  leaves no aftertaste, just refreshment.

Please compare minerality and unique characteristics below to a sampling of other award winning waters in the chart below:



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